About Us

Hi, I’m Janice (Jaye), mother, wife, Army veteran, first time toy inventor, CEO of Bears & Wears. There are so many reasons why I created RALO . As a teen / young adult I suffered from low self-esteem and had my share of injury, headaches, and heartache. Having experienced these obstacles, I understand that people need mental, emotional, and social health support.

RALO stands for Rising Above Life’s Obstacles. RALO was also created to provide encouragement, comfort, and support to kids and adults Rising Above Life's Obstacles. RALO serves as a companion, friend, supporter, and reminder to trust and believe...it gets better.

RALO's colors represent Strength, Love, Positivity, Trust, and Belief.

BLACK: Strength to endure during difficult times.

RED: Love for self and others.

YELLOW: Keeping a positive outlook during difficult times.

GREEN: Maintaining trust

BLUE: Faith and belief that it will get better.

I didn't have a RALO bear, but I want it to be different for others facing obstacles so that they do not have to face and rise above obstacles alone. 

RALO provides a sense of comfort to those who hug him. His soft texture is soothing, and based on customer feedback, helps reduce stress. RALO is a constant reminder that one can rise above life's challenges, and he encourages a positive outlook towards life.